Finding the Right Unit Size

Published on 3/22/2021

Olson Properties specializes in a wide array of storage unit sizes. You'll find larger storage units at our facilities than anywhere else in San Leandro.

We've found that across the country, two of the most common complaints from self-storage tenants is a lack of sizing variety, and poor ease of access. Our variety of affordable and well -structured facilities alleviates both of these common issues.

The smallest unit size our facilities offer is 10ft x 20ft x 12ft (200 square feet). This size is commonly found as the largest sizing option from our competitors. At Olson Properties, it is our smallest. By offering our tenants large storage unit sizes at a competitive market price, you can be assured you're getting a valuable deal on the space you're paying for. Our large and tall storage units with wide hallways to separate the units ensures ease of access and ample space to move your contents around as you see fit.